This is every parent's absolute worst nightmare. So many times I turn to the heavens and say, "God, you can give me anything, but please don't ever take my babies from me." Unfortunately, this is the reality for one family right here in Boise after a freak kayaking accident claimed the life of their 10-year-old. 

Maximus "Max" Hansen was kayaking on the Payette River last week with his family. Max's parents had to go back to work, but Max stayed behind with his Grandparents to continue enjoying fun on the river.

Tragedy struck when the group hit a tree. The current was so strong that it pulled Max under and nothing could save him, despite the fact that he was wearing a life jacket and a helmet.

Of course, Max's parents are in complete shock. They told KTVB that they never even thought about losing one of their kids. They went on to say,

You just shut down. You just go through numbness, complete numbness, and you can't feel anything - and then absolute sadness and dread.

She says the pain is unthinkable. The courage of Max's parents is extraordinary. They say they want to focus on Max and the extraordinary kid he was. They describe Max as kind and that

everybody was attracted to him wherever he went. He made friends instantaneously. His smile, his kindness, he was just so sweet and he was just so fearless, charismatic, and energentic. He loved dancing, sports, and his electric motorcyle. He had a special bond with his siblings and loved superheroes.

The tragedy of this sweet family is another reminder to hold your children and your loved ones a little closer. Every single day is so precious.

A Go Fund Me Account has been set up for the family to help with funeral expenses, so if you have the means to donate, please click on the link below.

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