If you had 117 pounds of pot in your car you might want to use your turn signal when switching lanes.  Just sayin'.  A deputy from the Ada County Sheriff's Office noticed a GMC Yukon switching lanes without using a blinker several times on I-84 and pulled over 26-year-old James Matthew Reed who seemed a bit nervous when officers started looking around.

Reed had several large cardboard boxes in the back and he told officers it was just household items he was taking back home to Missouri from Seattle.  Reed's tune changed real quick when drug-sniffing dogs started going crazy.  At that point he admitted he had some pot inside the vehicle.  Some pot???  How about 117 POUNDS of pot!

Marijuana doesn't weigh hardly anything so you can imagine how much it would take to add up to more than 100 pounds.  A LOT!  According to KTVB, the marijuana was being carried in vacuum-sealed packages and has now obviously been confiscated.  Reed is spending time in the Ada County Jail and his $200,000 bond should keep him there until his court date on October 30th.

Credit: Ada County Sheriffs Office
Credit: Ada County Sheriffs Office

A BIG thank you to the Ada County Sheriff Department for doing their best keeping our streets clean.  We love you guys... and girls ;)

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