When does the float season start?

It was announced earlier this week that the opening day for the 2023 Boise River Float season would be Thursday, June 29. There are six miles of floatable river between Barber Park and Ann Morrison Park. 

My wife and I moved here late last August from Nebraska and are familiar with floating down the river, but each place where you can float is entirely different. With help from the internet and locals we met, they informed us that we could park at Barber Park, purchase a shuttle pass from Ann Morrison Park, and hitch a ride back to our car. We decided not to rent a raft at Barber Park since it would only be the two of us, so we decided to buy a raft and be able to use it multiple times. WRONG! We bought a cheap raft from BIG 5 Sporting Goods, and the bottom popped within the first 5 minutes. It also came with a crappy pump; eventually, someone with a good pump felt terrible for us and pumped it up. 

Tip 1: Don't buy a cheap raft if you're going to buy one. Spend the extra money so you don't have to throw it away along with the broken oars when you get to Ann Morrison Park. 

We still had a blast, so this year, I am reaching out to our listeners and getting the best possible tips for having a successful 2023 float season. Whether you're a veteran floater or new to being able to float down the river in your backyard, here are some great tips from locals that you should know. 

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