What happened to Kelsea Ballerini at her concert here in Boise has officially become a national story, but there are 2 major things the media (and the viewers) are getting totally WRONG.

It's crazy to see just how fast things can become exaggerated and viral these days — literally overnight. With this story, a lot of what's being said is extreme and not true. So, we're going to share what really happened.

TMZ wrote an article that headlines, "Struck in Face by Object Thrown by Concertgoer." They said, "The singer was performing at Outlaw Field in Boise Wednesday night when she was struck by what some people believe was a bracelet, causing her head to jolt backward."

Immediately, you can see how this sounds exaggerated and intentional, and many viewers are receiving the news as if somebody in the crowd purposefully threw something at Kelsea Ballerini with the intention of harming her, which was not the case.

How do we know this?

Shortly after Kelsea Ballerini left the stage, a crew member of hers told the crowd there were bracelets being thrown on stage. He said, "It was a friendship bracelet, which we love. That's awesome. But it's gotta stop. Alright? We just gotta keep everyone safe." He proceeded to tell us they'd be back out in about 5-minutes.

This leads us to #1 — the first thing the media is getting totally wrong...

1. It was a friendship bracelet.

It was 100% for sure a friendship bracelet, and not some unexplained object that was purposefully thrown at Kelsea Ballerini with the intention of hurting her.

So, what is number 2?

@kelseaballerini on Instagram
@kelseaballerini on Instagram

Kelsea shared a screenshot of her comments to her Instagram stories, and it looks like this has become about politics.

"It's sad that this happens but maybe she should stay true and not go woke."

Now the conversation is about Kelsea Bellerini being on the "Left" and Idaho being a "Right" state — so people were throwing things at her because of politics? No. That's the 2nd thing everyone is getting wrong...

2. This was not a negative, controversial, or political incident.

The overall concert experience was not negatively impacted. After Kelsea Ballerini took 5-minutes to regroup, things went on like normal, no one tossed anything onto the stage, and she shared more about how she feels and the importance of being respectful and keeping everyone safe.

Parker Kane
Parker Kane

Kelsea walked out to the middle of the crowd and said...

"All I care about is keeping everyone safe. So, if you ever don't feel safe, please let someone around you know. There's security everywhere tonight." She went on to say, " Don't throw things. You know? I always want shows of mine, and every show, for every artist — but I'm in control of this one — and I just want it to be a safe place for everyone."

Which, by the way, is what she's saying on social media about it, too. She posted to her Instagram stories saying, "that's all I ever want, is for shows to feel like a safe place for us all.

@kelseaballerini on Instagram
@kelseaballerini on Instagram

It was truly a phenomenal concert, and it's no doubt Boise loves Kelsea Ballerini! She knows that, and those in attendance will remember all of the amazing things she said about Boise.

Keep scrolling for pictures of Kelsea Ballerini and the beautiful sunset and Boise skyline 👇

Photos from the Kelsea Ballerini Concert in Boise

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