This WOW Banner was stolen Friday night at the Canyon County Fair.  Who took it?  More importantly... Why??  Whatcha going to do with this thing?


We had a blast at the Canyon County Fair over the weekend but we've got one little hiccup.  Someone stole our WOW Country banner during the Tracy Lawrence show.  Hmmmmmm.  What would someone do with a WOW Country banner that's about four foot wide and twenty feet long?  Here's what we're thinking...


  • Slip N' Slide
  • Shade your raft when floating the river
  • Instead of the "Red Carpet" use as the "WOW Carpet"
  • BSU Toga Party
  • Hold hostage for backstage passes to Carrie Underwood & Dierks Bentley
  • Cut it up for Car Floor Mats
  • Gag Rick and Carly when they talk too much in the morning


If you spot the banner, no need to approach with caution.  The WOW banner is unarmed and is not considered a threat.


Somebody knows something about our missing banner.  If you have any tips, details, or info, please DO NOT call Crime Stoppers.  DO NOT call the Boise Police Department.  And definitely DO NOT call 911!