I pretty grew up on the back of my dads Harley. I had 4 sisters but for some reason the motorcycle rides were something special for jut me and dad. In fact when I was 21 and moved from my hometown of Tucson, AZ all the way to Anchorage, AK my last day in town was spent riding around with my dad on his Harley, no words just a good ol ride with dad around where I grew up. While my dad in my mind is cool as hell, I don't think he's quite got what it takes to be a Hell's Angel.

The Hell's Angels started in 1948 with a group of motorcyclists in Fontana, California. Now it has hundreds of international charters. No matter where in the world, there is a strict code or set of rules that must be followed.

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You Have To Be Voted Into The Group
Before you’re officially a part of the group, you’re called a “prospect,” a name that gets stitched into your vest. These tentative members run errands in hopes of being voted in. Becoming a member is a long process that can take years. Once you join, you’re in for life.
Their Vests Are Treated As Sacred
When a prospect becomes a full-fledged member, they get a vest with the famous logo and name on the back. If one of the bikers gets arrested, he’ll hand his vest to a fellow member to avoid tainting it in jail. If they get hurt and need an emergency procedure, they’ll do whatever possible to prevent the vest from being cut or torn off.
They Have A Dress Code
The guidelines on this one vary a bit from chapter to chapter. Some are not even allowed to wear shorts, no matter how hot it gets. The most common are charters who wear all black, some allow blue jeans and camouflage patterns. The color and design codes can help distinguish which charter they belong to.
There’s An Order That They Ride In
The road captain and charter president remain at the front of the group. From there, the bikers align based on seniority and rank. The older members will stay closer to the front, followed by newer members and ending with prospects in the back.
They All Pull Over Together
If one of them gets pulled over by a cop, they all stop, a bit intimidating for the cop Im sure. It signifies how the brotherhood is linked like family. If you mess with one Hells Angel, you mess with them all.
They Can’t Work For A Prison
Given the Hells Angels’ history with law enforcement, they aren’t allowed to work for a prison while in the group. Members also cannot be police officers due to the conflict of interest. The group stands for freedom in the sense that they run by their own rules, so prison guards and law enforcement officers are out of the question.
You Can’t Share Information About Fellow Members
If a member were to rat out a fellow brother, they could expect to get kicked out of the group. The Hells Angels website clearly states, “We do not answer questions about members,” not even missing ones.
Once A Hells Angel, Always A Hells Angel
Once you’re an official Hells Angel, there’s no backing out. Members don’t retire, and the only time they exit the group is if they’re kicked out for breaking a rule. Your charter essentially becomes a second family. When one of them passes away, everyone unites to honor the memory of their fallen brother.
No Talking To The Media
Since the Hells Angels are very secretive in their activities, none of them are allowed to talk to the media.
Harleys Only
To be a Hells Angel you must own a Harley Davidson. Riding only Harleys is a Hells Angels tradition that runs along the same lines as the sacred vest. It holds value because its a part of what makes them who they are.
They Ride Thousands Of Miles A Year Together
According to their website, the Hells Angels ride around 12,000 miles together every year. While Hells Angels are like brothers, their connection is founded on their shared love of motorcycles. They’ll happily spend hours on the road.
Show Up To Club Events
Members who fail to show up to meetings and hangouts indicate to others that they are missing the point of the club. The biker brotherhood is known for having a strict attendance code. Those who continually miss events are seen as disrespectful and are not likely to make it past the “hanging around” phase of recruitment.
It’s A Brotherhood, Not A Sisterhood
Hells Angels refers to itself as a brotherhood; thus, you’ll only see men with the death head insignias on their back. Though women aren’t technically in the club, they do play a major role in it. Many of the Hells Angels have wives and families. If he’s going to be a part of the crew, then his partner has to understand the commitment and be okay with the lifestyle and all that comes with it.



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