The 24 year old woman who was hit by a truck as she tried to cross Eagle Road at the Riverside intersection early Saturday morning has been identified. 

My heart broke as we first released this story and the comments revealed that she is a mother of two, a daughter, and a great friend.

Now we know a little more about who she was. Her name is Madeline Duskey and according to her Facebook page she went to Capital High School.

What happened around 12:19 Saturday morning is still a little unclear. KTVB says she was wearing dark clothing, and we don't know if she activated the crosswalk signal or not. We also don't know if the light at the intersection of Eagle Road was red or green.

All we know is her car was parked nearby and she was hit by a 42 year old man from Eagle in a pick-up truck driving northbound on Eagle Road. Madeline died from blunt force trauma.

Her death has been ruled an accident. A beautiful soul gone in an instant far too soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of her family and friends, especially her two young children.