The tragic crash that took the life of a beautiful young woman on Saturday has been identified. 


It has been confirmed that 25 year old Jayme Ballard was killed in a terrible car accident on Linder Road on Saturday.


Luckily, Jayme's 4 year old son walked away from the crash with hardly a scratch, but his life will never be the same after the loss of his mother.


The accident happened about 11:30 am on Saturday when the car Jayme was in rolled into a fence and she was ejected from the vehicle.


According to KTVB, a 28 year old man driving the Cadillac Jayme was in lost control, flipped, crashed through a fence, and landed in a field.


Jayme was ejected, despite the fact that she and everyone else were wearing seat belts. The driver was uninjured, along with the toddler.


Our thoughts and prayers sincerely go out to Jayme's family and friends.25 is far too young to die.