I'm always up for something a little different and these luxury tree houses in Idaho are pretty cool options to your traditional hotel room!



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    Tree House on Lake Pend Oreille

    This tree house stands three stories high and features a private dock and gorgeous views of the lake. The inside looks like a gorgeous cabin! It has a master bedroom with a bathroom and shower, a kitchenette, living room, and a third level observatory! Click to reserve the tree house HERE!

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    Tree House in Ketchum

    This Tree house features two beds and although the bathroom is a separate unit, you get to zip line to the potty! A camp kitchen is set up underneath the tree house and you can rent it out for as low as $69 a night! Check it our HERE!

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    Tree House in Ketchum Part 2

    This tree house is right next to the one above, and although it is smaller it still has two beds and a desk. You do have to share the potty and the kitchen with the guests in the other tree house, but it starts at only $65/night. Rent it HERE!

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    Tree House in Couer d' Alene

    It's a 12 foot by 14 foot room with a bed and a private balcony! The private bathroom is only 125 feet away! At about $175/night, its a little pricey, but what a unique experience! Rent it out HERE!