Well, this is a crazy story I just saw on KTVB.  4-year-old Ethan was floating face down in a Meridian community pool when Addison Harris and Brynley Fisher who are both 13-years-old found him.  Because it was a community pool there was no lifeguard and because it was a hot, sunny day there were a lot of people, a lot of chaos, and 4-year-old Ethan had gone unnoticed for some time.

After Addison and Brynley reached out to grab Ethan, feeling his lifeless body they quickly alerted everyone that this young boy was drowning.  Chaos ensued with people screaming, jumping out of the pool, and pulling this boy out hoping he was still alive.  One man grabbed Ethan and began CPR.

This all happened about a week ago.  Ethan was quickly transported to the nearest hospital where he's still coming back from his close to death experience but he's alive.  Ethan still can't walk or talk but he's alive and he's smiling sometimes and showing lots of improvements each day.

I'm grateful for these two teenage girls that were alert enough to spot that something was wrong and quickly made sure that Ethan had the best possible chance at surviving what looked to be certain death.  All of us should be more aware and never afraid to step in and check on each other because the next Ethan this happens to could be your child or your little brother or sister or someone you know and love.

Get better Ethan.  You and your family are truly fortunate and I hope you live life knowing how blessed and lucky you are.

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