One of my favorite things about living here in Idaho is all of the awesome hot springs around the state. Here's where you can relax and warm up this winter. 

According to Only in Your State, these are the hot springs you can't pass up this winter.

  • 1

    The Springs

    3742 Hwy 21 - Idaho City

    One of the newer hot springs popping up in Idaho, for a flat fee you can soak as long as you want. The Springs also offers up luxuries like massages, drinks, and fresh towels.

  • 2

    Lava Hot Springs

    430 E. Main Street - Lava Hot Springs

    One of Idaho's "world famous" hot springs. I remember going here when I was 10 and jumping off the Olympic high diving boards! This collection of hot springs is open year around.

  • 3

    Miracle Hot Springs

    19073 Hwy 30 -Buhl

    This collection of hot springs offers up private tubs, luxury rooms, and local alligators! Say what?!!

  • 4

    The Cove

    Shore Lodge -McCall

    Fireside suites, immersion hot pools, ultimate privacy. This is a dream getaway you don't want to miss out on.

  • 5

    Burgdorf Hot Springs


    It takes a snowmobile to get to these hot springs, but once you get there you'll discover a paradise of pools in various shapes and sizes. Rent out one of their rustic cabins and you have a romantic getaway like no other!