If you've never been to the Buffalo Club, you are in for a real treat! There are five people you will meet that you will never forget, and they may just change your life.

I'll embarrassingly admit that I didn't step foot inside a "club" until I was in my thirties! Most of the intimidation came from the fact that I can't dance, I mean at all. I can hardly walk without falling on my face, let alone dance. It's a scene I've steered clear from until my boss signed me up to host nights at the Buffalo Club and I must say that I have quite the soft spot in my heart for that club.

It comes from the people I've met there. You'll meet them too if you go. It's an experience you won't likely forget.

The first thing I learned about the Buffalo Club is it is all about the dancing! You'll see good dancing, you'll see bad dancing, you'll see old people on the dance floor, young people on the dance floor, but it is all about the dancing!

On that dance floor, you'll meet ...

  1. The Perimeter Man

    He is the nicest man in the world and you'll be able to spot him by his signature handlebar mustache! He loves to dance the ladies around the perimeter of the dance floor, hardly ever in the middle, and the ladies love it! He's got moves.

  2. The Dance Pro

    I don't even know her name, but you'll know her because she is front and center and she knows every line dance known to man! Everyone follows her lead. This girl has serious moves. I watch her in complete awe because she is just so good.

  3. Frank

    Frank is such a legend at the Buffalo Club that he has his own seat at the corner of the stage that simply says "Reserved for Frank." He's been going to the Buffalo Club since the beginning of time. I've never seen Frank dance; he's there for the legendary house band, "The Saloonatics." Tapping on his stool, the Buffalo Club isn't the Buffalo Club without Frank.

  4. The Saloonatics

    The Buffalo Club's signature house band. Gretchen, Chris, Jon, Matt, and Brian. They bring all of the country favorites that you hear on WOW Country to life! I find myself transported to The Buffalo Club every time I hear one of their signature tunes on the radio. The Saloonatics are fun and if anyone can influence me to get out on the dance floor it's this band.

  5. The Tapper

    My very favorite person that you'll meet at the Buffalo Club, I've deemed "The Tapper." She beats to her own drum and nothing stops her from getting her groove one. Saturday night is not Saturday night without her. I've never seen "The Tapper" dance with anyone, but she has a very special someone watching over her. I started a conversation with her once and discovered that the reason she goes out dancing every weekend is because she told herself after her husband passed away that she was not going to sit home and be bored, sad, and miserable. She dances to keep living and I am inspired by her every single week that I see her. I have no doubt that her husband is looking down on her and smiling. He must be so proud.

So join us at the Buffalo Club Saturday night! Meet these five incredible people and learn a little more about their stories. It's a one of a kind place that you can only find in Boise!