Ah yes, the annual Treefort Music festival. Where downtown Boise turns into a music and party lovers paradise. It's ninth annual fest is later this month. But if you can't make it or if you don't want it to end, don't worry. There is a permanent solution coming from Treefort to Downtown Boise. According to The Idaho Statesman and Idaho News 6 the masterminds behind Treefort are opening a mid-sized club and music venue. Rumor is it will also have a spectacular rooftop patio.

Duck Club Entertainment will be running the place that is expected to be 500 to 700 person capacity. The location? The old Office Depot building at 722 W. Broad St. They are doing a full overhaul and renovation that is expected to open next summer.

The news release highlights state of the art audio and video equipment, green rooms for artists, two bars and modern amenities and a permanent merch store on the ground level. While the place will most likely be a 21+ plus feel, organizers say there will also be shows and events for all ages.

The ninth annual Treefort Music Festival is happening later this month. Negative Covid test and or vaccine proof will be required. More on that here. Hopefully by next summer when the club opens all of that ish will be behind us. Duck Club Entertainment will continue to produce the music festival annually and book local and touring artists at different venues and events throughout Boise. This also adds an element of  competition to nearby Knitting Factory that is only a couple of blocks away from this up and coming music destination.

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