I was born and raised in Nevada but am proud to call Idaho home. So many people think that Nevada is the wild wild west, but I am here to tell you that Nevadans think some pretty weird things about Idaho.

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    There is nothing to do in Idaho

    Nevada is full of glitz and glam and because things close here in Idaho, Nevadans think that there is nothing to do in Idaho. Just because it is too hot in Nevada to go outside, they don't understand the great outdoors the way Idahoans do.

  • 2

    Full of gun toting rednecks

    Nevada is not anti-gun by any means. However, they do think that every single person in Idaho chews tobacco and is concealed carrying. While the first isn't true, it is likely more people than not are carrying.

  • 3

    Idaho; you mean Boise?

    All Nevadans really think of when they hear Idaho is Boise. They are blissfully unaware that other cities that are better exist in the state.

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    It's all potatoes

    Idaho is synonymous with potatoes and can I just say Idaho potatoes truly do taste better than all other potatoes. We do have a lot more agriculture though.

  • 5

    Idaho and Iowa and Ohio, all the same

    Idaho is not Iowa, Idaho is not Ohio, it isn't even close. But we will ask that you kindly move there instead.

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