I love having new experiences! If you're sick of the typical hiking, camping, and fishing this summer, here are some bizarre places in Idaho you've gotta see to believe!

Here's the my Top 5 Weirdest Places you'll find in Idaho, but if you want to explore even more weird adventures click HERE.


  • 1

    The Museum of Clean


    There isn't another place quite like it in the entire country! Inside the Museum of Clean you'll find everything from vintage vacuums to clean eating! They have lots of interactive experiences for the whole family and their goal is to inspire cleanliness in everything from using clean language to having a clean clutter free world!

  • 2

    The Sluice Box

    Idaho City

    It may look like a whole lot of junk crammed inside and outside of a crazy storybook looking house, but there is some serious history to be found at The Sluice Box! Inside you'll find a maze of rooms filled with cases of antique trinkets you can't find anywhere else! As if it couldn't get better, the top level is rumored to be haunted!!

  • 3

    Dog Bark Park Inn


    It's a dog lovers freaky dream! Sleeping inside the world's largest beagle! The Dog Bark Park Inn is literally a bed and breakfast that looks like a dog! You should see the size of the fire hydrant!

  • 4

    Oasis Bordello Museum


    It's a brothel turned Museum! This is not a place for the kiddie but it was a running brothel in the 1800's that now features a whole lot of vintage sexy. The Oasis Bordello Museum does try to keep things fairly tasteful and they even throw some humor into this one of a kind museum.

  • 5

    Gravity Hill


    On this hill in small town Grangeville, you can put your car in neutral and roll uphill! To get to Gravity Hill follow Mount Idaho Grade Road and head North. When the trees reach the horizon, you've found your starting point.