A terrible tragedy at Redfish Lake has left a man and a 5-year-old little girl dead. 

5-year-old Claire Tanney and 31-year-old Christopher Joseph Tanney were killed in an apparent kayaking accident on Friday.

An article on KTVB gives us a glimpse into who these people were. Christopher served our country in the Air Force for nearly 11-years. He had been stationed in Mountain Home for the past two and a half years.

People at Redfish Lake say when Claire was pulled from the water on Friday she was immediately given CPR. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene the little girl was taken to St. Luke's Wood River Hospital in Ketchum and she was later transported to Boise where unfortunately she lost her battle and passed away.

An overturned kayak was found on the lake and a pair of men's boots were found on the shore. Christopher's body was found 55 feet deep in the water and his body was recovered about 10:40 on Saturday morning.

It has not been confirmed whether or not the young girl and the man are related, although it is assumed so since they have the last name and were together. An investigation will continue to find out exactly what happened.

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