Halloween is arguably the most popular holiday of the entire year. And when it comes to the spookiest time of the season, nobody does it better than the Treasure Valley.

Trick-or-Treating in Boise

If you've ever taken your kids trick-or-treating in Boise, you know that people giving out candy in the Treasure Valley hook the kids up. The thing is - giving out candy can be tiresome and we've probably all experienced that at some point.

You know what we're talking about - that one house that gave out plastic bags of that 'Pop Secret'. Or how about Old Man Tucker giving out those green and yellow sponges in place of candy? Seriously - that's a true story.

One of us visited a house as a kid and got sponges in our bags because the guy (Old Man Tucker) thought kids should be "helping their parents with the dishes instead of bagging tootsie rolls for the devil."

He meant well, and at least he wasn't giving out anything illegal! Here are seven illegal things that you shouldn't give out on Halloween and one thing that should absolutely illegal.

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Now that we provided you with all of the essential information to avoid doing anything illegal on Halloween (you're welcome), let's look at ways we can save you money.

Parents - we get it; you take your kid to the Halloween pop-up store for costumes and suddenly you're spending a fortune for one night of the year.

Not anymore.

Here are the top costumes we found on Boise's Facebook Marketplace for under $10. If we can find these, surely you'll be able to find your kid's costume this year in the marketplace.

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