Watching the Olympics this week allows me to not only root for my country but to appreciate all those from other countries that have fought, battled, sacrificed, and give so much in an effort to become great.  People are people and it doesn't matter to me if they're black, white, from Russia, China or America... they bleed red, they love, hate, persevere and fight for what's right just like we do.

Credit: Stanislav Krasilnikov / Getty Images
Credit: Stanislav Krasilnikov / Getty Images

71 families are mourning today after a plane crashed near Moscow, Russia shortly after takeoff.  At this time we have no details as to what went wrong.  An An-148 jet belonging to Saratov Airlines took off and almost immediately lost contact with air traffic controllers.  Fragments of the plane along with several bodies have been found scattered as much as 25 miles away from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport where the plane took off.

This is just as tragic as any terrorist act or natural disaster that too soon, takes away those sweet souls that had no idea, when they were stepping onto that plane, that they would never have a meal again.  They'd never hold the one they love or see their children or watch tv or breathe fresh air.  Each one of the 71 passengers on that An-148 jet had a story.  A story of love, of struggle, of good and bad and now they're gone.  Our thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones.

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