Is there any good news to report about gas prices in Idaho? It's only a matter of time before Idahoans will be paying a record $5 a gallon for gasoline. Everyone feels the pain at the pump; from delivery drivers to long-distance truckers, everyone uses gasoline.  

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The average price in Idaho is just slightly under $5 a gallon at $4.90. How does that price compare to last week? Gas prices were 18 cents cheaper the previous week and 43 cents more affordable than last month. In a release, Idaho is just over the national average of $4.87, reports AAA Idaho/Oregon. If there is any good news, Idaho is currently the 19th most expensive state to purchase gasoline. Historically, the Gem State has been ranked in the top five most expensive states for gasoline purchases.  

The following states lead the nation in gasoline costs:

California ($6.34), Nevada ($5.49), Hawaii ($5.47), Oregon ($5.42), Washington ($5.41), Illinois ($5.40), Alaska ($5.38), Arizona ($5.13), Michigan ($5.06), and Indiana ($5.00). The cheapest fuel in the country can be purchased in Georgia at $4.29 per gallon.

"If these prices were hitting in the middle or end of summer, most drivers would probably be getting ready to call it quits," Conde said. "But with so many travel plans yet to be completed, some families are going to have a stubborn streak and move forward for the time being, regardless of what gas prices are doing."

Will OPEC bail us out?  The answer appears to be no as Saudi Arabia has raised their oil prices.  The Biden Administration continues to say that they will not open up drilling on federal lands.  They reversed the energy policy of the Trump Administration which resulted in the lowest fuel prices in several years.

AAA breaks down what you'll pay if you travel throughout the state.

Boise - $4.90

Coeur d’Alene - $4.89

Franklin - $4.79

Idaho Falls - $4.79

Lewiston - $4.94

Pocatello - $4.81

Rexburg - $4.92

Twin Falls - $4.96

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