It's a 'Real Life' version of The Notebook.  When 89-year-old Bob Goar and his 87-year-old wife Florence Goar were struck by a vehicle while walking across Milwaukee Street in the crosswalk on Feb. 27 it didn't look good for either.  KTVB reported that Florence passed away fairly quickly from her injuries and Bob was not only suffering from his own injuries but from a broken heart.

The couple was just about to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary.  Bob struggled in every way possible after the passing of his sweetheart.  Eventually, Bob's family felt it was best to take him out of the hospital and bring him home where he was on hospice care.

Bob slipped away this morning (Friday) and has rejoined his beautiful wife in heaven just nine days after she left this earth.  The family is at peace and feels joy knowing the two of them are together again.

The Boise Police continues its investigation on this deadly crash.  There have been no charges filed and as far as we know, the driver has cooperated in every way but authorities are still looking for more witnesses to shed some light on exactly what happened.  Our thoughts go out to the family.

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