I have a 7 year old boy who is always asking when we are going back to Disneyland. After hearing about this, I may be hiding my car keys to make sure he doesn't just try to take himself. Two siblings from West Jordan Utah, a 9-year-old and a 4-year-old really want to go and swim with dolphins in California. Mom and Dad wouldn't take them so they decided to go on a vacation and do it themselves. According to The West Valley City Police Department and CBS2, they snuck out of their home at about 3am and took their parents car keys.

They then started driving to California. They were gone about 2 hours but I am not sure exactly how many miles they were able to get. Another vehicle got in the way though on South Frontage Road in West Valley City. The 9 year old driver accidently sideswiped another car while getting on the on-ramp. A nearby semi driver saw the whole thing and thought it was an adult driving under the influence, until he got out and saw the youngsters. Thank goodness it was minor sideswipe and not a crash. Both of the kids had their seat belts on and were just fine. Although, shaken up I am sure.

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Nothing could prepare the parents for how they were woken up early yesterday morning. A knock on the door with police informing them of the accident. The parents had no idea that the kids had even left. They snuck out at 3am after all. The house even has latches on most of the doors, but the kids outsmarted it and went out the one door not set up with it, the basement door.

Even if you think your kids would never, you never really know. This story made me change where I keep the car keys in my home.


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