Can you imagine taking your family to Yellowstone National Park to check out the beauty and take in nature and in a single moment, you turn around and see your sweet, little 9-year-old daughter getting charged on by a massive bison and then flung up in the air like a rag doll?  A horrific sight for sure and fortunately this incident ended with the little girl alive and well.

Yellowstone National Park just released a statement not only telling us what happened but also educating all of us as to what we're all getting into and how we need to act appropriately when visiting.  These animals are WILD and we need to respect and remember that.  This isn't like hangin' with the dog at home.  This is their home and we're all guests.  When we forget that these animals get irritated, BAD things can happen.

This incident took place yesterday (July 22, 2019) near Observation Point Trail in the Old Faithful Geyser area.  A bull bison had been hanging around for a good 20 minutes or so with people getting closer and closer.  There were approximately 50 people within five to 10 feet taking pictures, talking, moving around causing a commotion, and that's when it happened.  The bull bison charged... everyone scattered... and an innocent little 9-year-old girl ended up the victim.  The bison struck the little girl flinging her up into the air.

The little girl and her family were visiting from Odessa, Florida.  She was immediately transported to the Old Faithful Lodge where park emergency medical employees began to work on her.  She then was taken to the Old Faithful clinic where she soon after was released.  It looks like she's going to be fine but what a scare.  And all because we, as people need to respect these animals and remember that we're in their house.

This incident is currently being investigated.  For detailed instructions on safety when visiting Yellowstone National Park click below.

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