The Ada County Sheriff's Department has stepped up, accepted, and taken on the lip sync challenge that's gone viral here in Idaho.  The Caldwell Police Department has received national attention landing in the top 15 BEST lip sync videos in the USA according to  Others here in Idaho have tried to crack that top 15 like...

Only Caldwell has garnered that national attention with more than 200,000 YouTube views.

So how does Ada County stack up against Caldwell?  There are two things I really LOVE about their video.  One is that hometown feel with lots of locals getting down to Montgomery Gentry's My Town.  Yup.  Caldwell went country in their video.  They must be WOW Country fans ;)

The other is the tribute they gave to Deputy Ben Johnson who lost his battle with depression and ultimately lost his life back on April 10, 2018.  Johnson is survived by his wife Kelsie and his four children.  The tribute to this Ada County deputy was the perfect touch to wrap up a fun, heartwarming video that shows that our men and women who protect and serve are people just like us.  I love the video and I'm a huge fan of what the Ada County Sheriff's Department stands for and does for our community.

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