If you grew up in a household like mine, you've heard your parents say "Do as I say, not as I do". Basically meaning they will set the rules because they know what's best, but it's okay for them to break them. Ugh, it seemed so unfair as a kid, but I understand it as an adult.

Recently, SWNS Digital released an article talking about how so many adults like to make rules for their kids when it comes to eating, but they love to have the freedom to break those rules.

In their survey, the biggest rule that was broken was that 51% of adults eat on the couch when it is against the rules for the kids to eat on the couch.

Other rules broken:

50% of parents will eat breakfast for dinner

50% of parents will have snacks before dinner

45% of parents will eat sugary food before bed

37% of parents will eat dessert for dinner

16% of parents won't eat all of their vegetables.

What rule do you set for your kids when it comes to eating, that you're allowed to break because your an adult?

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