So what can and what can't we do when it comes to fireworks in Idaho and why does it have to be so confusing?  I can't buy them but I can light them... or is it I can't light them but it's o.k. to buy them?  Ughhh!


So here it is.  Aerial fireworks are officially now illegal to sell anywhere in Idaho.  Which means if you're buying them in Idaho, somebody's breaking the law.  And maybe more than just one somebody.


This shuts down that sly little loophole that allowed vendors or anyone to sell aerial fireworks as long as the buyer would sign a waiver saying they promised not to light them anywhere within state limits.  Guess how many people kept their promise.  Not many!


Fire departments around the area have been battling this loophole for years so this is a big win for them.  They argue that these fireworks are dangerous and routinely set off big brush fires like the 2,500 acres burned at Table Rock last year.  Yep, that started with one of these fireworks that was legal to sell and buy but illegal to set off.


Aerial fireworks for a public display, like the ones done by the city of Boise will still be allowed with the proper permit.  The only loophole now I guess is that none of these rules apply to tribal land within the state limits of Idaho.


If you're thinking about buying or selling aerial fireworks in Idaho, keep this quote in mind.  This is from Deputy Attorney General Paul Panther...

Special fireworks, that is, fireworks that are not non-aerial common fireworks or ‘safe and sane’ fireworks, can only be sold to a person possessing a permit issued pursuant to Idaho Code 39-2605 for a public display or event"

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