The convenience of Walmart cant be denied. I literally just had Walmart groceries and home-goods delivered to my doorstep this morning after ordering what I needed last night. I live just a couple miles from the Overland Meridian Walmart across from Roaring Springs and Wahooz. It is super handy to have the most convenient store in the world right there. (although I do wish there was a closer Target too).

Another thing that makes Walmart even more convenient is the fast food right there by the front of the store. It is the Walmart equivalent to the Costco Food-Court (which rumor has it is getting ready to fully open again soon in Idaho) Many of them around Idaho are McDonalds and others, like the Meridian one by me is Subway, with a newly added Annie's Pretzels.

McDonalds while one of America's staples, didn't do particularly well during the pandemic. According to John Sowell from The Idaho Statesman, McDonald's closed about 200 restaurants in the US in 2020. Half of those closed were in Walmart stores. Walmart and McDonalds have had a strong 30 year partnership. At it's height, there were about 1,000 McDonald's inside Walmart's around the country.

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Walmart wants to stay ahead of what today's shoppers want. What would you put in if you could choose? The Wall Street Journal reported that Walmart is doing test runs and is in talks with some big food brands like Taco Bell, Domino's pizza and Charley's Philly Steaks. Charley's is really good. It is based in Columbus, Ohio but has restaurants all over the US. They are all over Oregon, Washington and Utah.


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