For those Idahoans that live up north in Lewiston, it was pretty easy to make their way to Boise or Seattle from their local airport: Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport. Unfortunately their trek to the capital city and a popular Pacific Northwest stop will become a lot harder come August. According to KTVB, Horizon Air will discontinue their Lewiston-Boise and Lewiston-Seattle flights on August 25. Residents will only have the option of going to Salt Lake city through SkyWest after the change.

The news came two weeks ago and residents aren't too happy. Some even petitioning for the Horizon Air's parent compnay, Alaska Airlines to reconsider. One resident claims the limited flights could hinder business expansion in the area; while others say it could create more hardships for those that need to travel for medical purposes.

Will the petitioning work? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it. According to The Lewiston Tribune, Alaska Airlines has indicated that they are not willing to reconsider their decision. Despite that, the petition remains, and residents are hopeful something will happen.


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