Boise Dev just released a follow-up article on a discussion that started way back in March about the Amazon Books Store coming to The Village in Meridian.  We've all been excited to see things happen and now, we're almost into 2019 and the old Paperie + Pen space right there next to the fountain continues to remain empty with absolutely no word or clues about what will eventually occupy this premium lot.

So what does that mean?  Is Amazon coming or not?  It looks like the answer is 'NO'.  Hugh Crawford who is the General Manager at The Village said...

Amazon is not a tenant that is coming to the Village at Meridian.  The space, formerly home to Paperie + Pen is actively being marketed for other tenants.

Who or what those other tenants are is information that has not yet been released but we do know now that Amazon is off the list of potential retailers for that space or any space inside The Village.

There is evidence that Amazon is coming to the Treasure Valley, specifically Nampa.  You can read about that at

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