This would bring in 50,000 jobs and millions, if not billions of dollars for our local economy here in Boise.

According to KTVB Boise has thrown their hat in the ring to become Amazon's second corporate headquarters for the multi-billion dollar company.  Now before you get all excited know that hundreds of cities across America have submitted proposals before the October deadline and Amazon can pretty much pick and choose where they think is best.

The exact number of proposals Amazon received was 238. So Boise has a 1 in 238 shot.  The executive director of Boise Valley Economic Partnership, Clark Krause says:

"We decided it was a good opportunity for us.  If they opened our letter and we got in front of them and we could tell them some great things about the Boise Metro we felt that was better than not responding at all."

The negatives for Boise is that Amazon has said they want a place with:

  • 1 million or more people
  • Access to mass transit
  • International Airport

We have none of these in Boise but we do have a number of good qualifications that could put us in the running.  Our low crime rate, quality of life, recreation, and the fact that we've landed on a number of Top 10 Lists looks good for us.

The fact that we've been able to headquarter huge companies like Simplot, Micron, and Albertsons is a major plus for the Boise area.  Let's cross our fingers and hope we can land this huge deal.

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