You push the button, you get in, you go to a different floor. That's how elevators work. Until they don't. This is horror movie stuff right here.

This was a very real situation for students in Pocatello at Idaho State University on Sunday, February 11th. Three students entered an elevator at ISU's Turner Hall when a malfunction caused them to free fall five floors unexpectedly. Luckily, safety equipment kicked in and stopped the elevator before things became worse.

The cause of the malfunction is still unknown, and the mechanics are being inspected today to figure out exactly what went wrong. Other elevators adjacent to the malfunctioning one are still operating as normal at Turner Hall. As a building housing over 300 students, things could had obviously taken a turn for the worst at any time.

We're happy to report no students were injured, but the three passengers were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

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