This just goes to show that there is truly a poll for everything.

Remember last year when everyone thought the world was ending. Seriously. 2020 was one of the most difficult years we have every experienced and I think it had a lot of people thinking about the end of our existence. It's outlandish and heavy and yet we allowed our minds to go there.

Just like we have allowed our minds to go to the possibility of a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion. With how crazy last year was, who could rule these things out? Plus, Hollywood loves to throw these storylines at us.

So, if there ever was an alien invasion, who would you want to lead us through it?

As it turns out, we're looking to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Forget about politicians and world leaders. According to a recent survey, we just want The Terminator. Perhaps it's his experience as that character that would serve us all best in the event of aliens invading. Now, this survey was conducted in the UK, but I highly doubt the results would be any different in America, especially since the list was flooded with Americans.

And it looks like Arnold is up to the task.

Will Smith was second on the list followed by an animal expert named Sir David Attenborough at number three. Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise rounded out the top five. As far as those world leaders go, the highest ranked one landed at number eight and it's former President Donald Trump. America's current leaders Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were numbers 20 and 19, respectively.

The big question is who would you select to lead us through an alien invasion?

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