Another hilarious cartoon creation for your viewing pleasure. This week, our cartoonist created the segment when Lunchbox prank called George Strait's real estate agent to purchase Strait's Texas home up for sale.

The real estate agent is actually Strait's daughter-in-law Tamara Strait and calmly listened through all of Lunchbox's antics. During the prank call, Lunchbox used lyrics from Strait's famous hit songs during his call in asking questions about the home. He kept utilizing "Check Yes Or No," "Amarillo By Morning," "Write This Down," along with several others. Though none of the lyrics seemed to bother Tamara, who calmly answered his questions without much laughter.

At the end of the call, Lunchbox gave his alter ego's email address and told her he'd be sending her proof of funds, full well knowing he was just kidding. Watch above as our cartoonist shows how a segment like this could have been acted out if it was a scene in a cartoon! Plus, check out Strait's gorgeous home for sale here.

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