You've heard the song, and you can't get it out of your head! But did you know that the star of the infamous Baby Shark Dance song lives right here in Boise?!!

13-year-old Hope Segoine actually recorded the song 3 years ago. She started her singing and acting career at the age of 6 back in Korea.

She moved to Boise about a year ago after her Father's faith-based humanitarian mission to North Korea was cut short because of U.S. travel restrictions there according to KTVB.

Hope now sends simple songs across the Pacific through the PinkFong studios a couple times a month.

Hope's family says they could have never imagined that one of those simple songs about a shark family would go viral, garnering more than 2 billion views on YouTube.

The Baby Shark Dance song has also cracked the top 40 pop charts in the UK.

Congratulations Hope! We are officially star struck!

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