Imagine being 13-years-old, with all the hormones and worries and social struggles of being a teenager, and on top of that, you are battling CANCER!

Krew lives right here in Middleton. He's been battling Ependymoma at St. Jude for two years now. It has paralyzed half of his face. It has affected his eyes. He has had to undergo horrible surgeries and treatments as he battles this cancer and the toll it has taken on him and his family is more than I can ever imagine.

His sweet Mother, Teena Steele, shared this story on Facebook right after he started school this year.

It happened...

I’ve been trying to prepare him since we found out the right side of his face was paralyzed. Reassuring him that he is still a great looking kid. Encouraging him to look for the positive. However no amount of preparation can soften the sharp words of your peers. It’s rough being 13 in general, then add to it the trial of looking different than the other kids.

As Krew got off the bus today, he wore a somber look where normally he boasts a smile. With tears he explained that a boy on the bus told him he was ugly and gross and loudly encouraged his friends not to look at him. The mocking continued until Krew’s stop finally came and he stood to get off the bus. The final sounds Krew heard from his aggressors were cheers that he was getting off the bus and they wouldn’t have to look at him any more.

Krew said he thought they were joking but the damage was done.

Why??? Against Krew’s wishes, I used this moment to teach them and to teach my children. I informed the bus driver of the verbal abuse. She very sternly and methodically chastened them. I hope that they take the time to think about Krew, his situation and his feelings.

We don’t know what is going on in others lives. We should try and be a ray of light to others not add to what can be an already dark and gloomy world. I choose kindness.

How?! Why?! It seems unimaginable to me that people could be so cruel. Please give this family something to smile about. Fight back against the bullies, against this horrible disease we call cancer. Do it for Krew. You never know when it could be Your child.


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