Two fathers and husbands leave behind a wake of sadness and despair after a tragic accidental trench collapse in New Plymouth took their lives earlier this week.  Their children wake up in the morning and don't see their dads.  Their wives mourn, trying to make sense of it all.  So many tears.  So much sadness.  So devastating.

The people of Idaho are doing their best to come together and make a difference for these families that'll never be the same.  Here's a quote from the Ortega and Carrillo Families Benefit Auction Facebook Page...

After hearing the heart breaking news of the accudent. The entire livestock community came together and we are doing a Benefit Auction for the Ortega and Arcinios Families who lost their Husbands and Fathers. Willoughby's Auction is graciously allowing us to use their site to do a auction for this families over the next few weeks or so we will be adding items to the auction that people donate to this families. I know that we will all come together as one to help these amazing families. THANK YOU ALL. If you would like to donate to the auction you can go to the facebook page and list what you would like to donate.

Please pass this information along and help out any way you can if possible.  59-year-old Javier Ortega of New Plymouth and 51-year-old Arcenio Carillo of Vale, Oregon will never be forgotten by their families.  Let's make sure we don't forget either.

There has been a GoFundMe Page set up if you prefer that route.  Information is posted below.

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