Picking where you and your significant other want to go for food can be one of the most grueling first-world problems someone could have. You're lucky enough to be able to go out to eat yet deciding where to go can turn into a petty argument.

Let's change it up!

You're in the mood for a burger, and your partner "doesn't care" where you go until they do. You've been there, right? You pull up to the sushi bar you think she likes cause she's been talking about it all week. You decide (and you don't know why) to ask: "Is this okay?"

You get the dreaded: "Yeah, it's fine."

No? Just us?

Maybe we're just going down an old road we're familiar with but thankfully the Treasure Valley has a plethora of solutions including a nice selection of cheese boards.

You can pretty much justify anything being on a cheese board and with so many options, it's a win-win for you and your partner. Shoot, there are even places that will help you pair your cheese board with the perfect drink.

Cheese boards, charcuterie boards... what's the difference?

Honestly - nothing. We're just going with cheese boards because the word charcuterie isn't as easy to pronounce for some of us around the office.

That being said, we found the top spots in the Treasure Valley that offer the best charcuterie boards... or for us that are too lame to pronounce it properly - cheese boards.

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