This was such a fun game to play for the holiday. It's called Redneck Life and it's something you should consider for Christmas coming up.

It's similar to the regular game of life but with a bunch of twists and not that conventional type of board. It obviously has to do with "Rednecks", and obviously this is just a game. The game starts with whomever has the biggest feet gets to go first and you roll the dice to find out your Redneck name, mine was Thelma Jane. Then you go around the board and do Redneck things and start losing your teeth and without ruining it in the end whoever has the most teeth left wins.

It becomes such a laugh as your kids are called names like "Cooter" "Slick" and many are named "Daryl", and some things go off how many "Daryl's" you have. You also have redneck homes and vehicles you get just like in the traditional game of life.

If you have an easily offended relative this may not be the best or may be the best and make even more laughs...

Charene TSM
Charene TSM

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