I love nothing more than going out to lunch with friends. Wanna know the best lunch deal in town?!! Here it is! Steal of a deal!

MSN.com just did this huge study across the country about the "Best Lunch Specials." Here in Boise it can be found at

Oh yes, that's right, pass me the tacos!! Here's what you get at Matador off of Boise's famed 8th Street.

It's called the "Mix and Match Lunch."

You get two menu items for $8.50

or if you are really hungry...

Three menu items for $12.

Options include tacos made from braised beef, carnitas, pork belly, house-made chorizo, braised chicken thigh, house-made tortilla soup, and seasonal salad or romaine.

Yum! Who wants to go to lunch?!! For a full list of the "50 Best Lunch Specials Across the Country" go to msn.com. 

Other Matador locations can be found in Meridian, Seattle, Denver, and Portland, Oregon.