Let's be clear - Utah isn't at fault for this. Shoot, allow us to make this our waiver - we are not here to attack Utah.

We are here to go after "Big Chicken."

Allow us to explain...

An American Classic Is An Absolute Lie...

It turns out that an American favorite is a lie. A favorite that we all know and love, a favorite that defined our dinner tables (or TV trays depending on how you chose to feast)... is a lie, ladies and gentlemen. The lie?

Kentucky Fried Chicken didn't originate in freakin' Kentucky.

That's right - we said it. We even have the facts to back up our bold statement. Here is what you need to know...

The First Ever Kentucky Fried Chicken Is Actually In Utah

Did anyone else know that the original KFC was just 5 hours away from Boise?

That's right, they haven't been honest with us. Grab your tin foil hats because we ain't done yet. As a matter of fact, we're diving face-first into the hole of the rabbit.

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We're not done yet - we found the best fried chicken in the Treasure Valley and we're not even asking for a thank you. We believe that everyone has a right to delicious and crispy fried chicken.

Our colleague broke down the top places you can get the best fried chicken in the Treasure Valley - have you been to these spots?

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