Let's talk chicken wings!

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There's something about their crispy, saucy delight that makes our taste buds dance! And a summer weekend in Boise is the perfect time for diving into some wings with your crew...

If you're a fan of this crispy goodness, you'll want to check out the best spots in town. But hold on! Before you dive into the list, there's one place you won't find that you should know about — but it was left out.

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After researching the best chicken wings in Boise, we couldn't find this place on any of the lists.


Yes, Domino's. Have you had their traditional hot buffalo wings? While they're famous for their pizzas, their traditional-style wings are bursting with flavor and just the right amount of spiciness. And surprisingly, you won’t find them on any lists for having good chicken wings in the Boise area.

Domino's Pizza in Boise
Google Maps | Domino's Pizza in Boise

Maybe that's because it's a national chain restaurant and not a local one? Which, we can fully understand, as we love and encourage supporting local! However, good chicken wings are good chicken wings, and this place deserves a spot on the list.

Just know they're there! But also, check out this list of 6 other places to get wings in the Boise area that come highly-recommended by locals. Gather your friends and family, and have a happy wing-filled weekend!

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