First it was the chicken wings shortage. Here is a list of the best chicken wings in Boise, that is until they run out. The nationwide chicken wing shortage was just the beginning though. Now meat prices are rising everywhere and certainly here in Idaho. You may have already noticed a price increase on burgers, steaks, chicken and pork. While Idaho restaurants are having a hard enough time keeping staff and having enough employees to keep their doors open now they have to deal with quickly rising meat prices and at times total unavailability for key meats.

KTVB2 spoke to some local Idaho butchers who are feeling the pressure more than ever. Memorial weekend is unofficially and officially the start of BBQ season. BBQ season means meat season, but unless Idahoans are able and willing to pay the higher prices on meat, veggie alternatives may need to be explored.

While it seems to many like the pandemic is mostly behind us, and it is, we will continue to feel the ramifications. The meat industry is one that reduced production and in some cases even halted production during stages of the pandemic. That after shock is what is effecting the meat market now. It is important to note that it is expected to get back into full swing again but this summer it is certainly going to be an issue.

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If you have friends or acquaintances in agriculture in Idaho, it may be a good time to tap into another option for meat this year. Go in with family and or neighbors and buy local meat from ranchers and farmers whenever possible, but this year especially.


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