Bigfoot. Sasquatch… whatever name you know the mystical creature by, there have been several sightings of the furry beast throughout human history. There also has been a total of six UFO sightings and encounters in Idaho just in 2022 according to the National UFO

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, there was an “entity” account in 2022 that was just reported earlier this month. The account comes from someone who describes themselves as a “bigfooter” according to the report and this witness has some serious experience. The witness claims to have “documented 13 different Bigfoots, and 2 Yeti type creatures.”

That’s some serious Bigfoot experience and even better, the witness has photo proof! The witness goes on to describe these “3 different [aliens]” that he snapped photos of.

“Been going to the same place in the Rocky Mountains for 8 years doing research on the Bigfoot-type creatures,” says the eyewitness, “this summer extraterrestrial type alien-looking creatures have shown up, I’ve photographed them 3 times this summer.”

“They were not there the previous 8 years.”

Spooky stuff! I tried to track down the original owner of the Big Foot photos to get permission to share them here but had no luck. You can check out the photos here to formulate your own opinions as to what these creatures are.

The weirdness doesn’t stop there either.

According to the YouTube channel “Nv Tv”, there is footage of a “massive Idaho Bigfoot.” Could this be one of the creatures spotted in the report?

The video shows very clearly what appears to be a jacked Sasquatch roaming the woods, maybe on the hunt for a protein shake? I mean, my goodness. This Bigfoot looks like he’s heading making way down the ramp at Wrestlemania to take on The Rock.

Nv Tv (YouTube)
Nv Tv (YouTube)

While the footage clearly shows a “roided up” Sasquatch, several comments contest the authenticity of the footage.

“Why just stop recording after a few seconds & not continue to record it & don’t tell me the phone died. That’s BS,” wrote one YouTube user.

Others shared their reactions, clearly believing the footage to be true.

“This one freaks me out,” another user wrote, “I couldn’t imagine running into something like that. Very huge.”

Could it be possible that Bigfoot or at least massive Bigfoots like these have extraterrestrial origins? Is there a connection to the three creatures reported in the woods connected to this sighting?

Or is this just an incredibly muscular and tall person in a suit? You be the judge.


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