We all have been stuck behind the slow person in the fast lane, or experienced a driver on I-84 that was driving erratically not using their turn signals. Which is a big reason why recently Boise ranked second worst city for drivers.

This survey was done according to population that's why you don't see New York and Los Angeles at the top of the list, but for Boise to be number two is still very alarming. We need to do better at paying attention and obeying the traffic laws when behind the wheel.

When we asked drivers in the Treasure Valley their biggest complaints when it comes to other drivers here is what people said:

  • Drivers need to learn how to merge
  • Driving slow in the fast lane
  • Drivers need to be more considerate behind the wheel
  • Drivers need to stop running red lights and stop signs
  • Drivers need to stop tailgating
  • Drivers need to use their blinkers
  • Drivers need to stop being is such a hurry
  • Drivers need to put their phones down

Is there anything else you would add to this list to make us safer drivers here in the Treasure Valley?

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