Mr. Tecmo Bowl himself was in Boise, Idaho today taking care of some business with Albertsons on his new line called Bo Jackson's Signature Foods which includes burgers, seafood, beef, steaks, and tailgating packages and the baseball/football legend who once was a Pro-Bowler for the NFL and an All-Star in the MLB was gracious enough to stop by the Boise State Football locker room to talk with team for a good hour.

The Idaho Statesman reported that Bo Jackson won the coveted Highsman Trophy award in 1985.  He was then selected #1 overall in the NFL draft but he didn't want to play for the team that drafted him which was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so he quit football and went into Major League Baseball.

After a little time had passed he struck a deal with The Raiders and played both professional football and professional baseball at the same time.  I still remember watching Bo Jackson bust that bat over his knee when he'd strike out.  The man was powerful, agile, and flat out FUN to watch.  A once in a lifetime athlete.

Bo took some time to talk to our BSU Bronco players about football, school, life, and decision making.  Here's a quote from BSU Coach Harsin...

Any time you have an athlete as dominant as Bo Jackson, it is an awesome opportunity to hear his story.  Bo was gracious enough to spend some time with our team and coaches today talking about football, school and life, and the decisions you make along the way to set yourself up to be successful in each. He had our guys on the edge of their seat, as the name Bo Jackson carries a tremendous amount of influence.

Bo Jackson, you are a class act.  I'm looking forward to trying his new product on Albertson's shelves and you are welcome back here any time.  Thank you.

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