During a segment on The Bobby Bones ShowBobbyAmy, and Eddie were all sharing the things they do that annoy their significant others.

Amy discussed what her husband does to annoy her and she doesn't like anytime he eats something with a fork because it's really loud. Eddie confessed that his wife doesn't like whenever he chews on ice. But Bobby's was particularly interesting. He's in a fairly new relationship and his girlfriend Caitlin has been staying with him for a couple months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Bones shared that he will wake up in the middle of the night and he doesn't want to be awake alone so he will 'accidentally' wake her up too. He says once he wakes up, he gives her a little poke or blows on her and acts like he didn't do it. Then when she wakes up, he's like "oh, you're awake too?" Amy told him that it's a terrible thing to do to disrupt her sleep and Bones said he knows, but can't help it.