Bobby Bones took his girlfriend Caitlin to a state park over the weekend to meet up with her parents. It was the first time for Bones to meet Caitlin's parents. Leading up to it, Caitlin says she wasn't nervous at all, but instead just really excited. She shared that everything is so good with her and Bones and she loves her family, so she had no doubts that everyone would like each other.They drove about 9 hours total, and spent and hour and 45 minutes at the state park with her family. There were no handshakes or hugs, and everyone kept everything as socially distanced as possible. Her mom brought tables and tablecloths and kept them spread out. Also there with them was Caitlin's sister and her boyfriend. Together, they played social distanced cornhole.

Bones said the whole thing was fantastic. He loved that her whole family is super competitive and continued by sharing that her mom was funny, and her dad was really nice. After the day together, Caitlin got a text from her dad that said they really enjoyed Bobby and they appreciated Bobby bringing her to meet up with them.

While talking about it on The Bobby Bones Show, Amy got emotional. She said it made her picture Bones becoming part of Caitlin's family and potentially gaining a mother and a father, which he no longer has.


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