It was a big weekend for the Boise State Broncos athletic department, who saw three members of their football team drafted in the first five rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft.  This is nothing new for the Broncos football program who have had a player drafted each year over the past ten seasons.

This year it was Tackle Ezra Cleveland taken in the first round by the Minnesota Vikings, Defensive End Curtis Weaver went to the Miami Dolphins in the fifth and Wide Receiver John Hightower went to the Philadelphia Eagles also in the fifth.

That leaves Defensive Lineman David Moa, Safety Kekoa Nawahine and Offensive Lineman John Molchon undrafted.  According to The Athletic’s Dave Southorn, David Moa will be headed to the Minnesota Vikings while KTVB’s Jay Tust reports that John Molchon will be competing for a job to protect Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

What’s next for Boise State in pro sports?  It could be Broncos Basketball star Derrick Alston Jr., who is projected to go somewhere in the 2nd round of the NBA Draft.  He also has the option of returning to the team next year and playing one more season at Boise State.  The NBA Draft is currently scheduled for June 25th.

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