Bobby Bones has never had a drink of alcohol in his life. As he's mentioned several times on The Bobby Bones Show, Bones has never drank alcohol due to the addiction gene in his family.

He's been worried his whole life that if he takes one drink of alcohol, he will like it and it will create an addiction. So instead of finding out what would happen, Bones has just avoided alcohol for his entire 41+ years of life. He's also mentioned that at some point he may try alcohol in the right setting with loved ones. He added that it's possible he would try it if he had a big thing to celebrate.

Some listeners wanted to know if he ended up trying alcohol during his wedding celebration or honeymoon. He shared that he did not. Though he did have a few opportunities to pop the champagne. There was a bottle in the hotel room after their wedding, and there was a bottle in their hotel room when they arrived to their honeymoon. Despite the opportunity, Bones never tried any alcohol to mark the occasion. He noted that the smell of it was "gross" and he just didn't have any desire to try it.

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