Danielle Argueta has a story she says she will tell for years to come.

Over the weekend in California, Argueta was in labor and on the way to the hospital with her partner when she realized she wasn't going to make it. Her partner was driving and they were right in front of the Merced Fire Department headquarters when Danielle delivered her baby.

Her partner pulled a u-turn and headed to the fire station instead. Firefighters attended to Argueta and her baby, all while Argueta's other child watched from the back seat.

Argueta told ABC 30, "The only thing I remember was that they gave me the baby. My son's in the back seat and he's kind of confused. He knew the baby was going to come, but he didn't realize that the baby was going to be there."

The family returned to the fire station a few days later to thank the firefighters who helped. Their baby Daisy is happy and healthy after the exciting birth.

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