31-year-old Douglas Wick of Boise, Idaho was swept away in the Snake River about a month ago with absolutely no trace of where he went, what happened to him, or what condition he was in.

According to KTVB, his body was found yesterday morning around 9 o'clock floating in the river around Celebration Park.  His body was recovered soon after it was spotted by the Owyhee County Sheriff's Department near the Walter's Ferry Bridge.

Wick was a veterinarian at Intermountain Pet Hospital in Meridian.  He was canoeing with a woman when things went bad.  The canoe flipped and the woman was able to survive by grabbing onto a life vest that was in the canoe.  Wick held onto the canoe for awhile and eventually made an attempt to swim for shore in the 53-degree water.  He unfortunately never made it and his body had disappeared until now.  His body was found about 8.5 miles from where the canoe tipped over.

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